A Wedding Sand Ceremony Purpose

For a lot of years now, the Unity Candle has been the symbol of the uniting of two families with the marriage of their children. We have now been witnessing a change in this tradition as more couples have mixed families with more than just one set of parents. Most of the times, step-patents will be present at the occasion. Rather than having to choose who it is that will light the two candles which represent the family of the bride and that of the groom, you can choose to create your creative way of incorporating all of the family members.


Couples are opting to have The Sand Ceremony at the time of their celebration rather than the lighting of the Unity Candle. While some people might not have heard about this ceremony, as of now, it is becoming very popular more so with beach weddings. A table is put near the front of the ceremony site and can be decorated with the theme of your wedding which you have in mind. At the center of the table, one vase will be placed. This is the only traditional part of the event since the vase will contain the individual gifts or the contributions from each person that will take part in the ceremony.

In most cases, the couple will choose two colors of sand where one will be for the family of the bride and the other for the family of the groom. As every parent walks down the aisle, they will walk to the table holding the wedding sand and just pour a little amount of their color of sand, alternating the colors to mean that the families have been joined. The smaller container can be held by the bride`s parent or the groom, and the bride can opt to set the containers around the unity vase on the table. By doing that, the parent can just walk to the table, pick their designated container that can have labels for place card holders and pour the sand into the Unity Vase. More and more couples are also involving their grandparents in the ceremony present or not. If the couple decides that they want every generation to be represented, they ought to include a small container of sand for the representation of their grandparents. 

After the parents are seated, the celebration of the marriage happens. Towards the end of the ceremony, the couple walks to the table and pours the remaining containers of and the seal of the Unity Vase such as from

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